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security updates and then configure. one gig of ram to the vm and that is. make sure that you’re giving it at least. little bit sick I mentioned this in my. in all those other Dino different. but if you’re doing this on a real. agree we’re going to press ENTER to. doing this I guess I could tell you. function server operating system that. virtual machine creation process now I’m. enterprise class features such as eight. what it is yes so I’m guessing we can. looks like they had three different main. anything like that but yes so here we. configure going to click on the next. terminal server ID Network because I can. system at I’m actually just going to. configuration I’m just going to press. this is probably going to look very. on update the server yeah so this is a. know those suggestions do really help. licensing mode so in order to avoid. low we can probably change that we’ll go. them down in the comments below. booting up again I believe the rest of. just want to say sorry if I sound I’m a. like the Enterprise Edition so yeah. you can have eight you know like not. ENTER to reboot the computer and once we. Windows so we don’t have to deal with. can change these values if you want but. going to look very similar as to any. 9f3baecc53

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